Therapeutic music

Ár Scéal is a creative therapeutic resource in the heart of the city. Hosted by the Music Generation Creative Centre on Cecil Street, the space has been designed to facilitate creative therapeutic work.  

The facility is rolling out Musical Wellbeing, Music Therapy and Creative Psychotherapy sessions with support from Limerick autism group. These distinct disciplines represent different parts of the continuum of practice in the music and mental health sphere, linking community and therapeutic music interventions.  It is intended that participants move between different disciplines as well as into Music Generation’s other activities in the Creative Centre and the wider community.

Musical Wellbeing Sessions

This programme draws on Music Generation Limerick City’s extensive experience in therapeutic settings to use music as a path to increased wellbeing.  Every session is different, driven by the participants, but elements can include shared performance, improvisation, composition and instrument exploration.

The only criteria for participation in these sessions is that you have autism and they can be of particular benefit to those with additional needs.

Music Therapy

Music therapy is the clinical and evidence-based use of music interventions to achieve individualised goals within a therapeutic relationship with a qualified music therapist.

The process starts with referral (which can come from parents, professionals or from the client themselves), followed by an assessment and the design of a music therapy intervention plan, working towards specific goals and objectives.  A range of methods and techniques are used to support the development of the therapeutic relationship between client and the therapist, with the ultimate goal to help the person achieve greater well being. The music therapist monitors the client’s progress on a weekly basis.​ 

Music Therapy is therefore a more clinically focused intervention than the Musical Wellbeing sessions (which are run by trained musicians, not therapists), although there is crossover in terms of session content.

All bookings and appointments must be made through, bookings cannot be made through Music generation.

If you would be interested in booking a place please complete the form below. A donation is required to avail of these places Terms and conditions apply.

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